Organ transplantation has been called one of the most miraculous advancements in medicine. There are thousands of transplant recipients alive and well today after once being told they had only months to live.

Yet, the transplant process is not easy. Some candidates endure a seemingly endless wait for an available organ, while others face the difficult task of relying on caregivers for support before, during and after the surgery.

Even though the road is not an easy one, most transplant recipients enjoy an improved life after years of illness.  Who better to be able to relate to the rollercoaster ride of transplantation  than someone who has walked a similar path?

TRIO is a non-profit international organization committed to improving the quality of lives touched by the miracle of transplantation through support, advocacy, education and awareness.  TRIO is widely recognized and respected as the leading voice of transplantation, representing donors, candidates, recipients and their families.
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